Estate/Probate/Trust Administration

Probate administration involves the orderly transfer of a decedent’s assets as directed by his or her Will, or by the laws of intestacy as determined by Massachusetts law for those who did not have a Will at the time of death. Although much of the probate process is established by law, our experienced attorneys can provide you with the efficient management and understanding of the process that will provide peace of mind during a difficult time for the family and loved ones of a decedent. Our work in this area primarily involves petitioning the court for the appointment of the Personal Representative of an estate, obtaining allowance of the Will, compiling an inventory of estate assets, management of the estate, estate accounting, estate tax return preparation or supervision, obtaining allowance of accounts, and distribution of estate. We also assist clients with trust administration either as part of the estate/probate process or separately. When the occasion warrants it, we can also serve as trustees.

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