Avoiding Check Fraud

by Alpana Bakshi Even in an age of online payments, check fraud still runs rampant today and, according to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the Treasury Department, banks reported nearly 680,000 cases of check fraud just last year – double the amount from...

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The Millionaire’s Tax

Massachusetts voters approved a tax increase on taxpayers with a net income over $1 million. This 4% surtax is earmarked for education, road repair and maintenance, and public transportation.  One concern about this tax is that there is no exception for the sale...

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Attorney-in-Fact vs. Trustee

Most estate plans include both a Durable Power of Attorney and a Trust.  As I’m talking with clients about selecting people to serve in the roles, the question comes up: what is the difference between these two jobs?   The truth is that while the job descriptions...

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